12.04.00 - My writings page is now updated & has a healthy amount of fiction & nonfiction by me.

11.30.00 - The paintings gallery is credit-card enabled! Just in time for the holidays. :-) Soon, the photo gallery will be as well & some images will be available on mugs, t-shirts & mousepads.

11.29.00 - Added a few images to the hybrids/mixed media gallery.

11.01.00 - I have added a few new images to the painting gallery. I've also improved the gallery's aesthetic appearance. I've changed the pricing info on the order form. I now offer free shipping! There are also many new links to sacred art & mythology.

10.17.00 - Second issue of Lunesence.

09.17.00 - The behind-the-scenes page is pretty much finished.

09.13.00 - First issue of Lunesence.

08.25.00 - Now any pc/internet explorer surfer can "bookmark this page" from my site, and any surfer can "tell a friend" about art & vision or link to art & vision from their own site by picking one of the art & vision banners.

08.24.00 - Now art & vision will fade in and out when changing pages. At least, for the pc/internet explorer people anyway. (Sorry everyone else! Which includes me, because I work on a mac. :-) ) I like the "magical" kind of effect anyway & hope it is not too much of a "bell & whistle". I love websites that help give a sense of being a new "universe" & I strive to make art & vision a little "world" of its own - yet connected - a place where people can come & feel a sense of sacred space. I wish there were more sacred spaces in this world.

08.23.00 - Designed a few .gif and .jpg banners for art & vision that I can use for link exchanges, etc. On the "link from your site" link.

08.22.00 - Re-created my link design & made sure every little teeny-tiny link worked & didn't bring up that 404 error not found thingamabob. Also, created a new home page so as to not "dunk" viewers into lotsa text about my art & my vision right away - to let them choose it.

08.21.00 - Shrank all the top banners and further optimized some images because the pages were downloading too slowly.

07.16.00 - A new & improved overall design.

10.16.99 - A prototype of Aquafemina site is up. Well around then, anyhow...