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12.17.01 - I'd like to announce the astrological services of Mary Ellen Massena. Mary Ellen is an incredibly gifted astrological and psychic reader. She prevented one of her clients from getting on the flight that hit the first World Trade Center Tower on September 11th. She's done a few readings for me and has proven to be very accurate! I'm currently finishing a project of 12 zodiac paintings for her astrological products business, Massena Productions. You can visit her website at Massena Productions or contact her at if you want to request a reading. They make great Christmas gifts!

I've had so little time to update the website lately. My life has changed in many forms. My boyfriend just moved up to Canada, I moved out of my house, I've been selling off possessions, and I've been busy with various commissioned projects. But I will share with you all the art I've been creating and post it on the website soon, I promise! :-) I am also moving my site over to and changing my business name to aquafemina. is going to be a joint venture of contemporary design, web design and multimedia services. I haven't had the time to create links for holiday sales yet, and since I am taking off to visit family for the next two weeks, I will have to create some post-holiday sales! I will also be including a zoom feature on my new-and-improved website, because the small images on the screen don't do them ample justice.

10.20.01 - We are selling the only portrait of Carlos Castaneda in existence! It is here at Carlos Castaneda didn't like photos taken of him, so there are only a handful of images of him as an adult. This is the ONLY portrait made of him, and Castaneda said publicly: "The portrait of myself that appeared in Psychology Today is the only good likeness that ever appeared." What makes this powerful image even more valuable is that Castaneda smeared it with his own hand! We are also selling a leather-bound, signed, 1st edition copy of The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda. The portrait and book are being auctioned on eBay until Monday, October 29th, 2001. Go here for the portrait and here for the book.

10.19.01 - Sorry it's been so long everyone. My life has been so busy that I've had a hard time doing much on the web! But there is more to come soon, I promise.

04.10.01 - My art is featured in the gallery section of the new Spring 2001 issue of Lamhfada!

04.09.01 - Sorry for the delay in writing, I've been working on so much! I'm nearly done with a new, more navigable store and features to zoom in on my images. Also nearly done with my designs page.

03.11.01 - There's some new work up at my friends' gallery. Jaynee Levy-Polis has honored me by letting me put her spontaneous explosions of line and vibrant color up. Her work is really intuitive and whimsical. You'd have fun looking at it!

02.25.01 - Just put up an essay about the goddess Aphrodite that I wrote for the Artemis Arrow. Oh, forgot to mention my little essay that's accessed through the home page, Saving Hemp & Ignorance.

02.23.01 - Hi all you cyberfriends! Wow, I've been so busy, I can hardly remember what I've done lately....Oh yeah, I just added a poll so I could get some feedback from you all about what you like best about this site. I also added a search engine because I know this site is getting a little too big...I also fixed the "tell a friend" section, so anything you send should work fine now. I'm in the process of revising the text links at the bottom of every page so that it is easier to navigate. Oh, and you can now sign up to be alerted by email every time this page changes! (see above)

We had some scare - Mark found an open wound on Zena, his long-haired cat. We rushed her to the emergency clinic (these things always happen over the weekends, don't they?) and she got all stitched up. Her stitches came out in about a day, though, so we had to get her stitched up again. Now it looks like they are coming out again....More kitty newz: I have poison oak all over my face! I think I got it from one of the cats....My face itches...All I can say is calamine lotion is a blessing. :-)

02.16.01 - Finished another friends' gallery, this time the very talented Reinhard Schmid. Go take a look!

02.12..01 - I just completed the artist/my world section & it has a longer bio, photos of friends & family & the beginnings of a friend's gallery.